VTEasy: the new domestic visual training platform

JET Program introduces its new service dedicated to visual training: VTEasy.

VTEasy is a web platform for domestic visual training that can be an useful support to the activities with JET Program. The platform is mainly coinceived to meet the needs of younger and more technological users, who can add from those exercises to the different kinds of activities to be done at home to reinforce the results obtained with JET Program.

The VTEasy portal allows visual professionals to propose to their users visual training exercises in the form of interactive “games”, well-accepted also by children. The exercises are taught and learnt in the studio, then assigned as home training to complete and reinforce the activity with the professional.

All the exercises are designed to ask the active feedback of the user. For example, in “Visual Tracking for saccadic movements” the user has to count the targets on the screen and type the requested quantity within the shortest possible time: the software processes answers and time and output them graphically.

VTEasy offers a wide variety of exercises, each one with different degrees of difficulty.

The general list of exercises is accessible only to the Professional/Trainer, while users access with their password to a personal list prescribed for a predetermined time. Only the Trainer decides the type, difficulty and period of execution.
VTEasy has a database to record users, results and annotations of carried out tests/trainings.

The actual members of the JET Program newsletter have already received by email the credentials of a demo user to explore the features of this tool.
If you are interested in trying out VTEasy, contact us to request the access.

This platform, designed by DueffeTecnovision, is just one of the additional services of the JET Program training system.

If you want to know more on how JET Program works and which particular features are tailored on you, contact us.

VTEasy: una piattaforma web per il training visivo domestico che può essere un utile supporto alle attività svolte con JET Program.

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