Ottica Novavisio and JET Program for vision and posture professionals

Among the first JET Program Partners there is the Optometric Center Ottica Novavisio in Belluno, that is offering a complete service for sight and vision since 2006.

We enter now Novavisio with its founder Enrico Del Favero, optician since 1998 and optometrist since 2001. He’s carrying on the family tradition, being the third generation of optics operators. In the last 15 years he has been following several courses, among which the Neuro Visuo Postural School by Intervision; a multidisciplinary path that united professionals from different categories working in the fields of posture, vision and odontology and that trained its students to consider the relations between vision, posture and stomatognathic system.

Ottica Novavisio: incontro multidisciplinare con professionisti della posturologia

Among the Center activities is crucial the activity of optometric visual analysis, to which Ottica Novavisio dedicates particular attention. The figure of the optometrist, says Enrico, is more and more present in daily life and the request of his services is growing: another incentive for a continuous improvement of professional competencies.

This year Novavisio developed its Visual Training activity with JET Program system, a training technique aimed to the restoration of functional wellness in those cases when there is need of more visual and mental efficiency to rapidly and effectively conduct your job, hobby or sport. The increasing of this service and the study of the relation between vision an posture have been the main professional focus that guided Enrico towards JET Program and its applications related to sports, learning, vision and posture, anti-senility.

We have asked Enrico about the collaborations between professionals of other fields.

“Last June in Novavisio I organized meetings with posturology professionals to make them aware about the visual aspects that could influence posture.
In particularwe organized a meeting with the staff of physiotherapists from the Cooperativa “Le Valli”, to whom I introduced the relations between vision and posture.
Two have been the main topics. First of all I showed them a few tests that are useful to the non-visual professional to evaluate the visual efficiency of the user, considering that the vision guides the body’s movements and remarkably influences the posture. Then we have seen that the visual aspect can agree with the rehabilitation through JET Program system, and I showed them how some visual problems influence posture and what I can do as a visual professional with JET Program
for the user.

How was the response from the professionals who attended the meeting?

“The event has been highly appreciated and made them aware of aspects that are new for physiotherapists, in particular how useful is an innovative instrument like JET Program. “

Enrico is developing all this also with a group of local osteopaths.

So here we can see an interchange between professionals from different fields, and this multidisciplinarity is the best context for JET Program.


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