JET Program for the Visual Training Application trains and improve the visual function as the privileged organizer of concentration, mental and visuo-motor skills and posture.

The training with the JET Program method increses the visual and percepive abilities that are lacking compared with the others, allowing the optimization and balancing of the whole system.

This is not to improve just one skill: JET Program tests, evaluates, trains and strenghtens the visuo-motor perceptive skills integrated in the human being with movement, language, gesture, equilibrium and response times.

A key factor is the permanence of the abilites.

What does it mean exactly? Go on reading to find a practical example.

Applicazioni JET Program: Visual Training
What are the JET Program Applications?
What are the JET Program Applications?

JET Program is for everybody, with no distinction.
It gives you a considerable improvement of your operative efficiency and your physical and mental wellness.

At the same time, JET Program is highly customizable: depending on your own needs, it can help your posture, your mind, your vision.

So here the JET Program Applications come into play: nine qualifications conceived for different type of users, even more customizable thanks to precise tests.

JET Program - Visual training
JET Program Applications: Anti-Senility
JET Program Applications: Disability
JET Program - Manager
JET Program Applications: Companies
JET Program Applications: Armed Forces
JET Program Applications: Self Care

Who works several hours on the PC
and comes back home in the evening
tired, weary and maybe a bit aching?

Quanti lavorano diverse ore seduti al pc e tornano a casa la sera nervosi, doloranti, stanchi e affaticati?

There are companies that invest remarkable economic resources to train their employees to the better use of basic software. But they take for granted that their operators have a sufficient level (or even optimal) of the visual skills needed to keep the visual concentration for 6-7 hours a day in front of the computer. Maybe the employees have to read small texts with thousands of ocular movements, that must be extremely precise, to shift their eyes from one point to the other, from one word to the other, from one thickbox to the other, from printed texts to the keyboard to the monitor.

Those skills are anything but assumed.

The person, while busy doing his job, has also to keep a motor restriction while sitting, has to bear the loudness of the room, the relations with colleagues and respond to the workflow times of the office. So he has to use a remarkable part of energetic resources for activities other than the visual activities needed to work on the computer.

Both people with an optimal motor efficiency and people whose basic visuo-motor-perceptive skills are lacking can show signs of weariness. This grows when the ergonomic conditions are tiring and the working organization is unsuitably managed.

In such a context JET Program can help.

The Visual Training Application aims to give you back your functional wellness in all the cases when you need a greater visual and mental efficiency to carry out with rapidity and efficiency your activity, be it your job, study or sport.

JET Program® is healthy, easy, amusing
it helps you go beyond your limits.
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