The JET Program Application Vision and Posture improves your postural comfort at work, while studying, in sports and in those particular situations when your body is subjected to non ergonomical adjustments.

The visual function, from the functional point of view, is a great support for our tonic postural system, and you can easily see this noticing for example that when you close your eyes, so remaining without visual reference points, it is harder to keep your upright position. A visual dysfunction can alter your posture causing muscular anomalies and in some cases back and cervical pain.

JET Program balances your ocular movements with the perypheral perception integrating them with your body movements: this way it improves your equilibrium functions related to the visuo-motor and postural abilities. This brings a growing of your wellness because of your comfort in using your upper extremities, your main articulations and the whole body balance.

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JET Program Applications: Vision and Posture
What are the JET Program Applications?
What are the JET Program Applications?

JET Program is for everybody, with no distinction.
It gives you a considerable improvement of your operative efficiency and your physical and mental wellness.

At the same time, JET Program is highly customizable: depending on your own needs, it can help your posture, your mind, your vision.

So here the JET Program Applications come into play: nine qualifications conceived for different type of users, even more customizable thanks to precise tests.

JET Program Applications: Anti-Senility
JET Program - Neuro visuo posturale
JET Program Applications: Disability
JET Program - Manager
JET Program Applications: Companies
JET Program Applications: Armed Forces
JET Program Applications: Self Care

This is the activation and lubrication
of mechanisms that are
part of the neuro-motor perceptive assets
of the human being.

L’applicazione Visione e Postura di JET Program migliora l’efficienza e il comfort posturale nel lavoro, nello studio, nello sport.

Anybody happened to experience a state of postural tension of the upper extremities, shoulders and neck caused by long-kept incorrect positions, in particular at work or while studying. Sometimes this tension develops into cervical and back pain.
There are also situations of postural damages caused by a traumatic event. When those have been treated by qualified clinical staff, the JET Program system accelerates the postural restoration of the rehabilitated body parts.
For example a traumatized limb can cause odd and asymmetrical postures to lessen the pain and move better. The next physical treatment corrects the biomechanical problem and removes the pain, but that limb is not usually restored easily in the postural system, unless you follow practices that facilitates the functional restoration integrating it with all the other functions.
It is indeed in this direction that JET Program works. It is fast and particularly effective, stimulating in an active and conscious way the activity of that limb and his postural involvement, following an original JET Program protocol aimed to the restoration of your efficiency and the improvement of your wellness.

To recover your functional wellness JET Program is indeed an effective ally. In a pleasant way it produces an actual comfort in the dynamic use of those body parts that are more involved in repetitive movements or have a prolonged biomechanical burden. The dynamic exercise that integrates and balances the visual perception, the eye-hand coordination and the syncronized rhythmic equilibrium let you reach a functional relaxation that mantains in the long term.

Computer workers for example experience postural stiffness to neck and back and tension to the upper limb that uses the mouse at lenght. The Vision and Posture Application is particularly useful and generates a remarkable wellness.
With JET Program you actually move your body in a way that is integrated with ocular movements and both eyes alignment, that working at the pc are involved in a demanding and sometimes critical way, while the pelvis and the lower limbs are motionless because of the prolonged sitting position. JET Program trains and restore the flexibility of the perceptive motor functions in a stimulating and funny way, integrating them with rhythm, movement and eyes.

A key factor is the permanence of the wellness you have acquired with JET Program. The procedures do not actually build conceptual abilities or muscular physical strenghtening that should be regularly trained to be mantained, but they activates, reinforce and optimize perceptive and motor mechanisms that are part of the neuro-perceptive-motor asset of the human being. With the JET Program procedures the individual knows, experiment and recognizes abilities that belongs to him. Training his own individual resources, he improves them putting in dynamic interaction different functional systems like vision, hearing, movement, dynamic equilibrium, memory and concentration. When you have taken possession of those abilities, you never lose them anymore.

JET Program® is healthy, easy, amusing
it helps you go beyond your limits.
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