The specific olympic application of JET Program is especially effective in Sport, since it optimizes the precision of gesture and increases the mental efficiency of the athlete in terms of high concentration.

The innovative effectiveness of JET Program is the complete integration between all the functional systems under the visual control during fast performances.
The customized training optimizes perception and athletic gesture that become fast, precise and aim-driven. The use of peripheral devices and visuo-postural techniques that are specific for any sport gives this program a high adaptability to peculiar needs.

Each discipline needs specific skills and the ability of conducting it in an effective way mainly depends on how we use our visual system.
It is clear that sight is the main guide of athletic gesture: this is explained by the practical examples you can find going on reading.

Applicazioni JET Program: Sport
What are the JET Program Applications?
What are the JET Program Applications?

JET Program is for everybody, with no distinction.
It gives you a considerable improvement of your operative efficiency and your physical and mental wellness.

At the same time, JET Program is highly customizable: depending on your own needs, it can help your posture, your mind, your vision.

So here the JET Program Applications come into play: nine qualifications conceived for different type of users, even more customizable thanks to precise tests.

JET Program - Sport
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Sight is for men
the main source of information (about 83%)
reaching the brain
and inducing a cognitive, linguistic,
visual, motor response.

JET Program è particolarmente efficace per l’applicazione Sport, in quanto ottimizza la precisione del gesto sportivo e incrementa l’efficienza mentale dell’atleta in termini di concentrazione.

Imagine an olympic athlete, for example a volleyball player, who during a match, for tiredness or tension, at a certain point shows rough errors.  Watching the match video in slow motion, we see that he makes errors positioning his hands to catch the flying ball, when his body posture in line with the ball trajectory would be perfect to catch it. We do not expect such errors from an expert athlete!
This error is not quite caused by phisical weariness, but by perceptive weariness: in this case it is an error of spatial localization, with the resulting imprecision in directing correctly and quickly the movement of the upper extremities. This event is explained by the difficulty of precise collaboration of the two eyes during a dynamic and prolonged psyco-physical task that causes weariness.
A key factor that is typical of JET Program training is that it raises the weariness threshold of the athlete. The procedures go to the basis of his perceptive abilities, test them, train them, strenghten them and finally allow him to perform any task in a precise, fast and efficient way.

When we talk about an athlete’s quality and about training in general, it is natural to think about methods to strenghten force, power and resistance. With them, to be able to perform an athletic gesture that is effective regardless of the technical level, it is necessary to develop perceptive abilities that are integrated with coordination and dynamical equilibrium.

Considering an athlete as a whole, it often happens that we take vision for granted. It is indeed considered as a basic function and so it is not considered necessary to evaluate it in its relations with posture and movement coordination, or to improve it like we do for example with strenght and speed.
JET Program protocols for athlet and coach allow you to valuate the efficiency of perceptive, motor and mental abilities of each specific sport, estimate the performance level and plan goals and method to increase skills.

JET Program Applicazione Sport: Nei ciclisti la posizione degli occhi mentre il capo è flesso indietro e quella mentre guardano velocemente di lato devono essere perfettamente intregrate con l’assetto posturale e la pressione podalica, ma tutto ciò non è assolutamente scontato

It’s easy to verify the advantage an athlete has from JET Program, for example in precisely locating the ball and adjusting his posture when it travels at high speed, and at the same time perceiving the exact position and movement of adversaries and mates.
Basket, volley and soccer players have to syncronize both eyes in extremely high positions, while their body is moving, sometime without the stable support of feet. Golf, tennis and baseball players must dynamicly align both eyes in extremely peripheral positions while their body is in tortion. In runners the binocular stability must assure that the head-torso integration supports the running performance without compromising it, also on irregular tracks. In cyclists the eyes position while the head is bent backward and when they quickly look sideways must be perfectly integrated with their posture and feet pression, but all this is not at all assumed. Also other sports like fencing, martial arts, gymnastic, table tennis, motorcycling, multidisciplinary sports and winter sports benefit from a test of integrated perceptive performance that enlightens the level of the skills that are involved the most in the athletic gesture to optimize them.

In particular in sports wo demand coordination between eye and hand and those where the athlete or his equipment have a high relative speed, improving visual skills integrated with body skills brings a remarkable benefit. JET Program techniques for the evaluation and improvement of visual abilities make you broaden the frontiers of your sports performances and are useful both for the professional and the amateur; they explore a field so far underestimated that will bring generations of athletes with more efficient and refined perdormances, through the development of ignored or underestimated potentials.

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